Puppy Bowl XIII Highlights

That’s right, folks. It’s here! The fuzziest, fluffiest, cuddliest spectacle of the sporting calendar this year. Prepare yourself for puppy prowess, canine courage and outrageous, audacious cuteness like you never seen before.

The fans are packed on Geico stadium. On the field, the squad of bunny and guinea pig cheer leaders is hopping with the action. For two years, team Ruff is reign undefeated. Will this be the year to the underdog team to take of?

Canine madness

For the first time ever our two teams Fluff in yellow and Ruff in Green are competing for the prestigious Petco Lombarky Trophy. And this year, each team has added a mascot to their arsenal of cuteness. For Fluff, we have Muffle the chinchilla. He is already getting fluffed fans wild up.

Ruff vs Fluff

And for team Ruff, Orlando, the owl. No action on the field will escape his steely gaze. Plus, of course, our sidelines correspondent Meep the bird, our parrot that will be tweeting away throughout the game.

The twelve-month wait is over. This is the loudest call to action to adopt, not shop, and cutest competition of the year. This is Puppy Bowl 13!

  • Length: 03:49
Furry friends gather on the gridiron and score extra points for cuteness at the annual Puppy Bowl