Game of Thrones Direwolves Dogs

From the "direwolves" owner:

Northern Inuit is a wolf-like breed and closest thing to wolf that you can have without a special license. Their parents were born in England and these two are the first to be born in this island, that is how rare they are.

So, usually when you see a wolf filmed for a TV show or a film it will be this breed of dog because of their wolf-like appearance. Also, they are highly intelligent, and that’s why we got them: we just wanted cool dogs.

We got these guys when they where just some weeks old. Three weeks later a got a phone call from the breeder saying some TV show wanted to use my dogs on it. I was like “Cool, what’s the show like?” and he was: “I don’t know. Swords and shields maybe”. I of course went with that.

I brought the dogs up to the breeder’s house and the trainer for Game of Thrones where there and picked these two for the in the show. For the last three or five years they have been in front of more than 400,000 people on major events, like Comicon, Winterfell Festivals and so on. They’ve met hundreds of celebrities, been on chat shows and tv shows.

I lot of people come here because of Game of Thrones; I would say.

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Meet the Game of Thrones Direwolves dogs